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The SSSR band has been started in the February 2002 by a bunch of individuals who formerly played in the deceased Amontillado band

SSSR are:


We melt ragged musical pieces using whatever languages come to our mind (from Mariupol Greek to backward Russian). The final result is supposed to remined some sort of square dance of dead zombie cultures. The only similarty to the former Amontillado band is in deliberate harassment over the audience.


Our first gig to was 15 minute show in the Psycho Pub Club. It was in May 2002 within the framework of the Smorgasbord Festival.

We are currently working hard over our debut programme, and waiting until our drummer returnes from his hollidays in the country. We believe that you will see SSSR in some of St. Pete's clubs as early as September (or October)


Please address your message to


SKIF-7APRIL 21st We are going to perform at SKIF-7 Sergey Kuryokhin Festival. Please come to check us on Saturday-to-Sunday night, 27th of April at 2:00 AM.

MARCH 13th You're welcome to check out the SSSR page at the newly launched CRT.COM directory.

PROPAGANDA FestivalFEBRUARY 1st we are going to perform at the Propaganda Festival in Moscow

Also the Scary-Dolls animations by our key-boardist will be screened there.

The event will take place in Estakada Club (Ryazansky prospect, 39, Moscow)

We are going to play at the following gigs the next week:

Monday, Dec. 2nd Orlandina Club (36a Mira St., Petrogradskaya metro station). Starts at 7pm

Wednesday, Dec. 4th Front Club (31 Cherniakhovskogo St., Ligovsky metro station). Starts at 8pm

See ya

we will perform in the Fish Fabrique Club (10 Pushkin-skaya St).

Now you can see the pictures from our Vyborg show.

The poster from that gig is on its way to Philadelphia now. It was chosen for the poster exhibition which starts in the middle of December.

Our next gig:
OCTOBER 26th Kochegarka Club, Titova St. 2, Vyborg.

Other bands to perform: Greebooee!, ArtTester and Swinyi V Kosmose. Show will start at 9 pm. We'll be happy to see you and your pets.


Check out the video from our soundcheck session
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